Inclusive an Adaptive Dance Programs

We pride ourselves for creating a wonderfully inclusive environment for dancers of all abilities! We offer classes for children with and without diagnoses which have both adaptive and inclusive options. We offer group and 1:1 individualized instruction upon request for a slight up-charge in tuition. Our space is accessible for all our dancers and we truly create individualized plans for each student so they are comfortable and can be successful in the studio and onstage!

An assessment can be made if a parent/guardian requests the instructor to observe the dancer before placing them in a class that best suits their learning needs.

Class Options:

1:1 Private Lessons are available if you would like your dancer to be slowly integrated in the mainstream or adaptive program. 

Adaptive Classes are for students who would like to be in a class with other dancers. The class is designed for a small group of students with more individualized instruction and more accommodations to their learning needs. 1:1 supports can be provided upon request. 

Mainstream Classes will have a little less individualized instruction and larger class sizes. 1:1 supports can be provided upon request. 

We welcome therapists and outside services into our facility for observations. Please let us know at least 3 weeks in advance so we can plan accordingly.