Our Policies

Dance Junction Policies

Registration Fee and Form:

Please take the time to fill out our registration form with the classes your dancer would like to take as well as availability. We also have a section for any important information you would like to provide to us about your dancer. This can include allergies, special accommodations, learning preferences, physical limitations, etc. The more information we have about your dancer, the better their experience will be! Miss Lauren is also more than happy to schedule a “Registration Meeting” with you and your dancer to discuss a class schedule that best fits your dancer! A Registration Fee of $35 is due upon registering for classes and $40 if two or more siblings are registering.

Adding/Dropping a class:

Classes can be added until December 1st. Please notify the director so the student is moved or added to that specific class. If the student chooses to drop a class, please notify the studio at the end of the previous month or the student will be charged for the following full month. There are no refunds on classes.


A MINIMUM of five (5) students per class is required in order for a class to run.

**Very Important Information!

Attendance Policy:

Please make it a priority to attend classes. It is important in building technique without falling behind. In the event that a dancer is unable to attend, dancers/parents MUST ALWAYS call or TeamApp message the studio ahead of time beforehand if they will not be attending their class. -Please keep in mind that it is mandatory for dancers to attend dress rehearsals before the annual show in June .

-Please be on time for class. Tardiness disrupts the class and goes not allow dancers to have good work habits. If a dancer is tardy, they will be asked to observe the class until the instructor gives permission to participate.


Dance Junction and our staff are not responsible nor liable for any injury that a dancer may sustain at the studio. If a dancer is injured, they are still required to attend class but may sit out and watch.


If a dancer is sick, please do not attend class and call the studio. We do not want to spread germs to other dancers. Dancers may make up a class by taking another level of that subject the following week when they are well.

Visitors/Class Observations:

Visitors will be allowed to observe portions of classes. This is up to the discretion of the instructor and begins in October. Please do not disturb the dancers while classes are in session. Please talk quietly in the lobby while waiting. Cell phone usage and other electronic devices must be kept on silent and phone calls should be taken outside.

Annual Show:

Our annual performance is held in June. Dates and location will be announced in our Fall News updates. All of the information you will need for the year will be posted on the bulletin board located in the lobby of the studio as well as on our TeamApp and via email.
Performing in the annual show is not a requirement of class participation. Students may choose whether or not they wish to perform. If a student chooses NOT to perform, the class teacher must be notified by DECEMBER 1, since our costumes are ordered this time.

Costumes: Two non-refundable deposits of $25 are due in October and November per costume per class. In March, costume balances will be posted which are due at that time. Costume payments are non-refundable even if a class is dropped.


Our holidays are as listed: Columbus Day, Thanksgiving Weekend, Christmas Vacation (2 weeks) February and April vacations (refer to bulletin board for dates) as well as Memorial Day Weekend.


Classes are cancelled when Saugus Public Schools are closed due to inclement weather. Saturday and evening classes may not be affected by this policy, therefore, students in those classes should call the studio to see if class is cancelled. Cancelled classes will be rescheduled only when necessary to meet the 30-week requirement.

Inappropriate Behavior/Bullying:

Any form of bulling or inappropriate behavior is not tolerated at Dance Junction.  If there is a situation where a dancer is bullying another student or acting inappropriately during class, they will be asked to have a meeting with the director. If the misbehavior continues after the second warning, the director has the right to dismiss the student from the class for the remainder of the year and tuition will not be refunded.  Hurtful and offensive language regarding (not limiting) race, religion, ability or gender will result in immediate expulsion and lifetime ban from our studio without refunds.  A $75 fine will be charged to your dancer’s account. We take this very seriously.

Outside Services and Dance:

If your child has a history of behaviors or have IEP goals that a therapist would like to observe in our class, please let us know that they will be attending. We will need them to sign a release form before coming to the class with your student.

Master Classes/Classes at other studios:

If a dancer has a friend or invites dancers from other studios to attend a master class within our studio, a release form must be signed by his/her dance studio owner. If Dance Junction students would like to take master classes at other studios, a release form must be signed and approved by Miss Lauren only. Release forms can be found at our studio by the front desk.