Dress Code

Dress Code is highly valued in our studio. It is an important asset to a dancer’s training and promotes unity and professionalism. It gives the studio a positive reputation, we are making a bold statement as a dance family! It is also easier for teachers to properly correct the dancers’ technique for progression. Students MUST abide by the dress code at ALL times unless told otherwise by the director. Teachers will be able to talk to students about dress code if they are not wearing the proper attire. 

Male Dancers: 

All Subjects: White t-shirt and black jazz pants for all classes with the exception of hip hop
For hip hop, black sweat pants or black shorts can be worn
with a white T-shirt or tank.
Ballet-black split sole ballet slippers
Jazz-Bare feet or half-sole shoes (for ages 13 and under black jazz shoes)
Hip Hop-converse-style sneakers (preferably black and white)
Tap-black oxford tap shoes
Contemporary- bare foot or foot paws

Female Dancers:

-Footed Convertible tights in Ballet Pink. BW C80/A80 footed tight
-Leather split sole ballet slippers. 208 Lpnk Jr Split Sole
-Black Leotard
-Solid, black ballet skirt, optional, not required.
-Pointe shoes for dancers en pointe-consult the teacher
-Warm ups, including leg warmers and ballet sweaters, must be approved by teacher and must be solid black.  These are only worn during the cold weather
-Hair MUST be worn in a bun at ALL times.

-Tan or Black convertible tights Bodywrappers tights C81/A81 JTN Jazzytan/ black
-Black oxford tap shoes:
-Dance Futures Company Members: Bloch 321 in black
-Recital Classes: So Danca toe tap TAU5
-Black leotard, plain black tank top optional
-Black dance shorts, capris or black leggings, no jazz pants please! We need to see your feet!
-Hair pulled back in a neat ponytail or bun

-Tan or Black convertible tights C31/A81 JTN Jazzytan tight
-Black leotard
-Tan half-sole shoes Bloch spin II
-Black jazz shorts or black leggings only
-Hair in a neat ponytail or bun

Hip Hop:
-Black sweatpants or loose-fitted shorts
-White Tshirt or tank top, leotard or sports bra can be worn underneath
-No logos please!
-Low top sneakers, (like Converse) preferably in black and white Pastry Hip Grid black sneaker
-Hair in a neat ponytail

Musical Theater:
-Tan or Black convertible tights
-Black leotard
-Tan half-sole shoes Bloch Spin II
-Black jazz shorts or black leggings only
-Hair in a neat ponytail or bun

-Tan or Black convertible tights
-Black leotard
-Black tank top or black tshirt acceptable
-Tan half-sole shoes Bloch Spin II
-Black jazz shorts or black leggings only
-Hair in a neat ponytail or bun

Creative Movement:
-Pink Leotard
-Ballet Pink Tights C80 BPK Tights Body-wrappers
-Pink Leather Ballet Slippers 205 full sole pink ballet 205
-Hair in a bun
-Ballet skirt optional
-no dance dresses*
-solid color *preferably NO skirts or tutus

-Full sole ballet/TA 35 carmel tap shoes

-110 Gym Shoe Carmel

-please consult the director

Dress Code Dont’s

-Street clothing of any kind is STRICTLY prohibited, this includes shoes 
-Hair must always be neatly pulled back BEFORE and during every class.  
-No jewelry except stud earrings.  
-Sweatshirts or any loose clothing is prohibited with the exception of hip hop. 
-No logos or writing on clothing, UNLESS it has the ‘Dance Junction’ logo and is class-appropriate
-No colored or printed waistbands on pants