Creative Movement: A question-challenging process by which the child first perceives the question mentally and then physically and emotionally solved the question. The outcomes of creative movement include the development of basic motor skills and qualities of movement, individuality, group relationships, trust, coordination, cooperation, and much more.  Creative Movement is offered to dancers ages 2.5-5.

Ballet: A classical dance form that strengthens the core values of dance technique including: proper placement, work ethic, proper terminology, class etiquette, and body and musical awareness, etc. Ballet is a class of structure which challenges the dancer both physically and mentally, and builds class etiquette in the process.

Pointe: Pointe shoe training is a privilege for students who show outstanding ballet technique and knowledge of ballet terminology. It is important for the dancer to have developed the physical strength needed to dance en pointe. This class is offered to intermediate and advanced students age 10+. Students will be sent a recommendation letter when the instructor and the director feel that the student is ready for pointe shoes.

Contemporary: A class that focuses on the dancer’s interpretation of the movement that is presented to the dancer. Students will be introduced to the pioneers of modern dance including the notable Martha Graham and Lester Horton. In addition, the dancer will study improvisation which will allow them to find themselves within the dance. This class encourages dancers to have spatial awareness and body awareness.
Jazz: A stylized form of dance combining rhythm, coordination strength and emotion for students 8 years and up.

Tap: Rhythmical sounds created by the feet. Tap is an excellent way to strengthen the skill of counting music for a dancer. Students will learn different styles of tap and become more aware of their

Hip Hop: Once known as “street dance”. Hip hop is not only a form of dance, but it is an evolving culture. Students will learn the different styles of hip hop including popping, locking, breaking, house, and other styles that can be incorporated in choreography and free style.

Adaptive and Integrated Programs : Please see tab for details.

Musical Theater: Theatrical dance that combines the elements of improvisation, acting, dancing and singing. Students will learn about different types of routines to coordinate with a scene(s) from various musicals that are age appropriate and relatable for the dancers in order to meet their best interests.

Adult Classes: Adult classes are offered to dancers ages 19+. We encourage all dancers with various experience to join these classes, it is not only a great workout but is a lot of fun as well!

Dance Company/Competitive Dance:  For dancers who would like to train further in their dance technique.  We offer competitive dance to ages 7+.  See our Programs of Study for more information!